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Locate in Morungaba / SP – Brazil, next to the region where several companies from the electrical-electronic segments (OEMs and CMs) are located.

Startest is a company focused in automatic inspection and test equipment for electronic boards. We are in the market for more than 10 years and we are today the leader in sales for ICT-MDA equipment, assisting the whole Brazilian Territory, South America and Mexico.

With support sites in Campinas and Manaus for fast customer service in these regions, with parts inventory and people trained for support, applications, training and equipment calibration.

Startest is the exclusive representative of JET TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD., which was the first one to develop an in-circuit MDA (Manufacturing Defect Analyzer) test equipment, and nowadays is the one of the most reputable company in global market in this segment.

We provide fixture accessories: probes, receptacles, flat cables, LED Test Sensors (Optomistic
Products Representative/Distributor), Keysight TestJet™ sensors and complements.

  • We are the RAMCHECK equipment distributors for memory test.
  • We are the distributors of Optomistics products – Universal LightProbe™ sensors and fiber optic for LED test.
  • We are the distributors of SMH Technologies – FlashRunner. The universal production In-System Programmer.
  • We provide QAD ERP technical and functional consultancy.
  • What makes the difference in StarTest?

Professionals with more than 30 years of experience in board test market in Brazil and abroad.

– Ethical
– Pre and Post-Sales Support
– Quality
– Lead Time
– Competitive Price
– Respect the Competitors

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