JET-3000 PDU


JET-3000 is the follow on of the well-known JET-300 It is an automatic test equipment which measures the impedance of all electronic components on a loaded printed circuit board. Components such as resistors, capacitors, inductors, diodes, transistors, FET, SCR, LED, ICs, etc. are all the objects for this tester to detect. The opens/ shorts fail, incorrect and disoriented components could be located. The overwhelming functions do help the users to find the faults and improve the quality efficiently.

In addition, JET-3000 PDU ICThas superior software system supporting for program preparation before testing. The system is also powerful in locating the faulty component and producing the statistic reports of test data from testing results easily. The hardware facilities
equipped with lots of advanced technologies such as reed relay scanner board and Keysight TestJet Technology etc.

JET-3000 PDU ICT always aims at being the greatest partner in your production lines!

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