Leading in LED test for over 27 years, Optomistic Products’ Universal LightProbes provide the accurate, reliable and cost-effective test for the color and brightness of LEDs. Universal LightProbes offer a unique customizable solution for almost every LED test requirement or mechanical constraint.

Universal LightProbes™ offer a unique Two-part Solution that provides quick and easy customization for your specific LED color and intensity test applications.

First, determine the type of test and output you require and choose a pre-programmed Sensor that addresses those requirements. Second, customize the test for your particular mechanical requirements and constraints, by combining the Sensor with any of our interchangeable Fiber-Optic Probes.

Universal LightSources™ are designed for the test of IR (infrared) sensors, with a choice of eight different IR wavelengths: 830nm, 850nm, 870nm, 875nm, 880nm, 890nm, 940nm and 950nm, and with radiant intensities commonly used for such IR emitters.

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