AOI (Automatic Optical Inspector):

JET-7300 AOI systems provide accurate inspection and complete defect coverage before or after reflow. By using a telecentric lens with a 12-megapixel camera, the JET-7300 achieves fast and accurate inspection of soldered components.

With high optional resolution (5.5 um, 7 um or 10 um), the inspection of small components such as 01005 chips can be detected easily and the inspection speed can be up to 60 cm2/sec. The RGB and coaxial lighting enable to flexibly adjustdifferent light sources in the same field of view and capture more clear images.

The Stop & Go system helps eliminate image collage and shadow problems caused by mirror-like or black components. With the easy programming and friendly user interface, JET-7300 provides the real-time production management with more efficient productivity and quality.

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